cat killer

catkillerread the story at:

to sign the petition urging the faculty members of UP Diliman to sanction him:

for an update on the case:


5 comments on “cat killer

  1. Liz ay nagsasabing:

    God, I despise this kid.

    And he was even proud of what he did, the sick bastard!

    I want to jump on him like a pro wrestler too.

  2. Compassion ay nagsasabing:

    In response to those who defend the action of Joseph Carlo Candare who proudly named himself “The Cat Serial Killer” please visit this website Feel free to share your comments regarding this issue. Thank you.

  3. Ces(Only A Nickname) ay nagsasabing:

    Hey,im one of the students in U.P..I saw the dead cat.A serial killer is a animal serial killer before,he must be jailed.

  4. ken ay nagsasabing:

    now we know that not all UP students are smart enough to decipher right from wrong. sick bastard… he should be psychologically treated.

  5. aaaaa ay nagsasabing:

    nabbsa nya kaya to? dpt dto kinukulong eh . kht nag apologize sya gnwa parn nya , kung pptwarin lng sya ganun kabilis hnd matututo yang walang yang yan! kht pa may kapasanan yan sa utak!! gwin dn dpt sakanya ung gnwa nya sa mga pusa! NAPAKA BALIW NYA ! WALANG HIYA! WALNG MORAL !

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