my fave felines

Sylvester J. Pussycat Sr.


Sylvester is the famous Warner Brothers’ animated cat who appeared on various looney tunes and merry melodies cartoons often chasing tweety bird, speedy gonzales and hippety hopper. he debuted in the cartoon called “life with feathers” on March 24, 1945.

Puss “N” Boots


The oh-so-cutey cat from the movie  Shrek. He is skilled in using a sword and often practically dances around his enemy who can’t keep up with him. One of his defenses is using his cute nature by staring up at his foes with an innocent, wide-eyed, expression, which softens his foes hearts. I so love him!



Garfield is that famous cat from a comic strip created by Jim Davis. The comic strip was first published on June 19, 1978 as it chronicles the life of Garfield, his owner named John and the dog named Odie. Garfield currently holds the Guinness Book of Records for being the world’s most widely  syndicated comic strip.



She is the famous guide cat of Sailor Moon and was a servant to Princess Serenity, sworn never to leave her side, as well as an advisor to the Queen. When the kingdom fell, she and another cat, Artemis, were put into a long sleep and sent down to Earth to look after the Senshi, who would eventually be reborn there. Part of Luna’s memory was suppressed, in order to make her task easier; she only knew that she was supposed to find and awaken the Guardian Senshi. She found Usagi Tsukino first and taught her to become Sailor Moon, not knowing that this was merely a disguise meant to hide Usagi’s true identity as the reincarnated princess.

Salem Saberhagen


A warlock-turned-cat in the Sabrina the Teenage Witch comic  series. I love it when he’s being sarcastic and whenever he makes fun of the two dogs owned by Sabrina’s family. And I love black cats! (whoops!)


mittens2The housecat from the movie Bolt. Mittens does what she has to do to get by, even if getting by should involve stealing from others or lying to get what she wants. Because of her tough attitude, Mittens hardly believes that making friends is in any way essential to her survival and she does not find it easy to trust in anyone but herself. When she meets Bolt and experiences his undying loyalty to Penny and his unwavering commitment in returning to her, Mittens realizes that she does, in fact, have the capacity to believe in someone besides herself.

Snowball II


The dark-gray female cat owned by the Simpsons. I remember her as the one who saved Homer from a burning treehouse.

Hello Kitty

hello-kitty-paintingShe’s probably the most popular cat in the world. The cat was designed by a Japanese artist for Sanrio and was introduced in 1974.  Hello Kitty was awarded by UNICEF the exclusive title of UNICEF Special Friend of Children.


3 comments on “my fave felines

  1. Mary Grace ay nagsasabing:

    alam mu ba kung bakit walang bibig si hello kitty?

  2. atty. yei ay nagsasabing:

    wow talaga ha! thanks

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